Growth Chart DIY with Video!

Hey!  Wanna see how I make the most popular item in my shop? Check out this quick video and instructions on how to make one yourself!  Download Step By Step Instructions (PDF) PURCHASE STENCIL Purchase Stencil File (.studio3) for download Growth Chart Ruler DIY Mark height directly on the wood board with a permanent marker or paint pen. Save the [...]

Trick-or-Treat? GIVEAWAY!

I’ve partnered up with five great websites to offer you a chance to win $100 gift card to use on yourself, or to start that holiday shopping early. It’s quick and easy to enter; just use the system linked below and earn one entry for each thing you do. If you already follow me on social media, all you have to do is say so and [...]

Customized Book Bag Teacher Gift

Being a crafter I’ve been excitedly awaiting the day that my kids would start school and I’d get to make fun teacher gifts.  Well, last fall was that day!   My oldest started preschool so I volunteered to make some gifts from the class.  For the holidays I made them ornaments from the students, check them out… For the end of [...]

Have Your Cake & Eat It Too

If you follow my blog you may know that cake decoration is a favorite craft of mine. I have a cake site that features many of the cakes I’ve made over the years. With the craft business taking off, I don’t have as much time anymore to make cakes, but I do still make them every now and then. It’s been a while since I’ve [...]

Keepsake Hand Print Sign

Looking for the perfect DIY gift?  Here is a great one for grandparents, parents, babysitters, godparents, and the list goes on!  Every year for Mother’s Day the boys and I make a gift for my mother and MIL. I figure Mother’s Day is THE perfect day for a handmade gift from a child. This year we made a sign with each boy’s hand [...]

ETSY Gift Card Giveaway! Enter Here!

I have partnered up with my favorite CPA, Amy Northard – The Accountant For Creatives, to offer you a $25 ETSY giftcard giveaway. It’s quick and easy to enter using the form below. a Rafflecopter giveaway Follow Amy for help with taxes and bookkeeping for small businesses and individuals. Amy offers great tips in her newsletter and [...]

Simple Summer Wreath

I’m most definitely no wreath expert, but I play one online.    I made a yarn wreath for the holidays and liked it so when spring came around, I thought, hey why not make one for the summer too.  So I picked out my favorite flower, the simple yellow daisy, and yarn to match and got to work.  It’s really a very simple wreath, as I [...]

Sports Themed Name Decoration

How many kids LOVE sports? I know my littles do! So I’ve worked up some 12″ letters to hang on a wall in a sports theme. In this posting I will show how I made the name Quinn in the sports: Basketball, Soccer, Football, Baseball and Tennis. I will tell you where to find the supplies needed, or how you can place an order and have me [...]

Custom Traceable Cards for Preschool Age Children

I’ve always dreamed of the days when I could make crafts and cupcakes for my kids when they are in school.  Well, my oldest son (4 yrs) started preschool this year!  Yay!  He absolutely LOVES school and is a very social little guy.   It’s just so exciting to see him enjoy this new experience in life.  And now came the chance for [...]

It’s Your Lucky Day! Win a Growth Chart Ruler!

I’m hosting a contest until St. Patrick’s day to win a growth chart ruler from my shop.  Check out the details and link to enter to win!  Share the Facebook post for a second chance to win! WIN a FREE customized Growth Chart Ruler! ———-  ENTER TO WIN!! ————– Enter to win one customized [...]
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