A Game of Catch-Up!

Hello! I’mmmm baaack! I haven’t posted very much lately as things have just been kinda crazy in life the last few months. That certainly doesn’t mean I wasn’t busy making things to blog about though! I’m going to play a game of catch-up over the next few days and post everything I’ve been up to, crafty wise anyway, I’ll spare you the rest. 🙂

Some things that are in the works are…

  • Sesame Street Themed 1ST Birthday Party – Decorations & Cake
  • Air Jordan 3 Fire Red Shoe Cake
  • Kids Puzzle Organization
  • The BEST EVER Chocolate Cupcake Recipe
  • Back Yard Makeover Project (splitting/moving hastas, daisies & ornamental grasses, planting new flowers, mulching, etc.)
  • Project Koi Pond turned Sand Box
  • Shoe Cake HOW-TO

I think that’s it for now, so check back soon to see the excitement!  😉 I have at least one hour left of nap time, so I’m going to bang one out now…


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