A little about my crew and where I come from.

Check Out, Checkout 51!

Are you like me and spend WAY TOO MUCH time and money at the grocery store?  I have two little boys who are growing quickly and like to eat.  Now that they aren’t babies anymore and I’ve had to double our meal sizes and add a ton of snacks to the menu, I finally understand why my parents made sure you didn’t take something [...]

And Then There Were 3

I recently won a contest through JoAnn’s for a crafting contest they had in March.  With my gift card prize I purchased a Silhouette Cameo machine which I have been wanting to buy for months now.  I’ve been playing around with it to learn how it works and figure out how to make the things I want to make to sell in my Etsy shop.  So [...]

DWM (Do With Mom) Mother’s Day Ideas!

Mother’s Day is a day to show mom just how much she means to you, so why not take her to do something super fun WITH you?As a mom I must say that breakfast in bed is my favorite way to start that day, but what to do after?  Well here are a few ideas of what you (Dad) can plan as a super fun day for the whole family to show mom a good time. [...]

Mother’s Day Hand Bouquet

This year for Mother’s Day the boys and I made gifts for their grandmothers and great-grandmothers. We traced their hands and then cut them out in different colors. I made the stems and leaves and tied them with a ribbon. I put the name and date on the back in case they want to save them. My boys are still so young I end up doing the [...]

Happy Holidays!

Tis the season to be jolly!!  Christmas is almost here and this is definitely the most prepared I have been for the holidays in years.  It feels good to have extra time to enjoy shopping and decorating and baking.  I have only 2 weeks left as a professional web designer before I start my new, full time stay at home mom gig!  For the last 2.5 [...]

Hi! A little about me.

Hello Everyone! This is my first stab at a blog.  I figure why not have a place to share any fun crafts I create with the world.  I’m sure I’ll also post a few things about my family here too.  Please check back often to see the latest thing I’ve created.  We’ve been working on redecorating our house, so I have plenty [...]