For the Kids

A collection of fun ideas and kid friendly crafts can be found in this section, as well as organization and learning tools you can create yourself.

Custom Traceable Cards for Preschool Age Children

I’ve always dreamed of the days when I could make crafts and cupcakes for my kids when they are in school.  Well, my oldest son (4 yrs) started preschool this year!  Yay!  He absolutely LOVES school and is a very social little guy.   It’s just so exciting to see him enjoy this new experience in life.  And now came the chance for [...]

DWM (Do With Mom) Mother’s Day Ideas!

Mother’s Day is a day to show mom just how much she means to you, so why not take her to do something super fun WITH you?As a mom I must say that breakfast in bed is my favorite way to start that day, but what to do after?  Well here are a few ideas of what you (Dad) can plan as a super fun day for the whole family to show mom a good time. [...]

Fun With The Littles @ Lowe’s Build & Grow

As a SAHM, I am always looking for ways to have fun on the cheap.  In this search I discovered a great blog called Indy With Kids. They share so many great free/cheap events that happen in and around Indianapolis.   That’s where I learned about the Lowe’s Build & Grow program.  On some Saturday mornings they offer a free [...]

Unicorns and Rainbows…in CAKE of course!

Every Girl’s Dream   Rainbows, Unicorns, Hearts and Bows, oh my. I recently made a cake for a 5th birthday. The theme was Unicorns. I had creative control on the cake, and was presented with the party decorations, as well as the dress material. I then came up with this cake, from those inspirations. I made the inside of the cake a rainbow [...]

DIY: On the Go Play-Set

As we sat in a restaurant last night with our almost 3 year old and 16 month old, I was reminded how I could really use something to keep these boys occupied while we wait for food. The youngest is at the stage that he’s throwing everything on the floor when he’s done, so needless to say we made friends with (they may choose different [...]

I’m TOTALLY making this!

This may be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! I think I’ll use the phrase correctly, unlike Elissa from Big Brother 15…I’m OBSESSED!  I saw this little gem when a friend pointed out the Lowe’s Build and Grow program where your child can go in to a workshop and build their own Toy Story car, for FREE!  But anyway, [...]

It’s My Room, TAKE 2

VIEW THE GALLERY OF NAME SIGNS! **  10/11/16 — I am working on an UPDATED HOW TO for these signs.  I will be making a video and have better details/photos of the process.  I will also have links to purchase the needed supplies.  Please CHECK BACK SOON! ** So almost a year ago now I made some cute name signs to hang on each of my [...]

I’m in Puzzle Heaven!

The WHY My 2 year old LOVES to do puzzles.  Most of his are in the 25 piece range and are hard board.  On a normal day I find 5 of these puzzles out and mixed together on the floor of his room.  We’d then spend a lot of time sorting and putting away these puzzles.  Putting away I use lightly, none of them had boxes or containers.  My [...]

Sesame Street Birthday!

My son turned one recently and so we of course had a party.  I chose to go with a Sesame Street theme because I thought that would be fun.  Oh, and I saw someone challenge someone to make a cake of Mr. Hooper’s Store, so I wanted to accept that challenge.   I, being obsessed with crafting and the crack that is Pinterest, had to make [...]

Giant Ruler Growth Chart – DIY

So when we moved into our house in the garage on the wall is where the family before us marked the growth of their children.  When re-painting the garage, it gave me a sad feeling that the history on the wall was about to disappear forever.   It made me hope that they had gotten some good photos of it to save forever. A few months later, our [...]
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