Corduroy, I Have Your Button!

I recently went thrift shopping and came upon a great jar of vintage buttons.  The seller had matched up all the sets and talked about them with great pride; making them an even better find.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them yet, but I couldn’t pass them by when I saw the jar of perfect colors.  My first project was some Button Art.  I had one tree canvas I had painted years ago that I thought would look nice with the addition of buttons.  Turns out, it did.  So then I got out two other canvases I had on hand and painted up some new art to incorporate my buttons into.  One was just a little one that I made into a daisy.  The other I did a chevron design and a heart, since it was around Valentine’s Day that I made them.

I have a few photos of the pieces, but there’s not really much of a step by step.  I painted the canvas and let it dry, then I used Mod Podge as my glue to attach the buttons where I wanted them.  I used a good amount of Mod Podge since it dries clear and I didn’t want buttons popping off like poor Corduroy.  I plan to make other things with my buttons as well (a bowl being one of them), so check back soon; or comment your idea of what you’d like to see me make out of buttons.  I’ll give it a try if I have enough buttons.  🙂

Photos of my Button Art

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