Etching a Pyrex Dish

Hello – today I’m going to show you how to etch a Pyrex (or other glass) dish.  These are great for potlucks and make the perfect gift.  You can make a whole set of different shapes/sizes as a wedding or housewarming gift.  Be sure to make a set for yourself while you’re at it.  🙂  A large bottle of Etching Cream will get you at least 10 dishes.

There is a video and a step by step of the process so check it out and try it out.  It will be your new go-to gift like it is mine!  I gave some as teacher gifts last year, and will again this  year.  I think this year I’ll bake cookies to put inside.
You can purchase your custom stencils here >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



Supplies –

These customized dishes are perfect for potlucks!  See how to make one here, it’s simple! closeIMG_7954

Gather Supplies / Prep Work Area

Pictured below are the supplies you’ll need.  Stencils can be purchased at my shop.  Be sure to let me know it’s for a pyrex so I know to reverse/mirror the stencil.  If you make your own or purchase one, you’ll have to flip it to do the stencil.  Since you etch the bottom part (instead of the inside where the food would be) it needs to be mirrored.  img_3030


Prep Dish

Clean the glass where the stencil will go with rubbing alcohol.  This prevents smudges and fingerprints getting etched in the glass.  Find something to help you line up the stencil.  I just printed a cross on paper and centered it in the container.


Apply Stencil

See the video to view the process in action.  If you have purchased one of my stencils, you will start by removing the paper backing to expose the adhesive side of the vinyl.  Be careful and work slowly so you don’t tear/loose any small pieces.  Once the backing is gone you’ll want to hold the stencil over the dish to figure out the center.  Be careful not to touch the glass at all as it sticks quick and strong and may tear if you need to pull it up and move it.  So carefully center your stencil and smooth it into place.  Work out any bubbles/folds, areas that cream can get into.  If there are raised letters on the bottom, be sure to seal the stencil as well as you can around those.  Add tape around the edge of the stencil to help protect the glass from accidental etching.


Add Etching Cream

Put on your gloves!!  Add the cream according to instructions. — I soaked the bottle in warm water for 10 minutes to help it dissolve.  Then stir it up to mix the crystals in.  Pour some out and use the foam applicator to move it around.  You’ll want to move it the whole time because if the crystals sit for too long it will leave a spot, so you want to keep the crystals moving the whole time.  I did this for 5 minutes for these.   Be careful of the stencil when moving the crystals around, you don’t want to move the stencil at all and etch a part you don’t want to etch.


Rinse/Wash, Peel and Dry

When the five minutes is up rinse the cream off.  Use your utility sink if you have one, otherwise be careful with your kitchen/bath sinks so you don’t etch them.  Rinse it well until all the cream is gone.  Then peel off the stencil and wash the dish.  Dry it to see the etching left behind.  Now you’re done!  🙂




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