I’m in Puzzle Heaven!

My 2 year old LOVES to do puzzles.  Most of his are in the 25 piece range and are hard board.  On a normal day I find 5 of these puzzles out and mixed together on the floor of his room.  We’d then spend a lot of time sorting and putting away these puzzles.  Putting away I use lightly, none of them had boxes or containers.  My husband raided the recycle bin and stored them each in a different cracker/fruit snack container.  While this DID give the puzzle pieces a home, it wasn’t really a part of my decorating plan for his room to have a pantry on his shelf.  🙂  I didn’t want to put the puzzles in large ziplock bags because of suffocation and all, so I had to find a different solution.  Hmm…what will work?

Well, what better than good old PENCIL BAGS!   They are cheap, easy for kids to open and they store well. My son and I then made an activity out of organizing the puzzles. Turns out the day the wonderful little pouches arrived in the mail, he had decided during nap time to pull out ALL of his puzzles and mix them up on the floor. 🙂 So we then put each one together, took a photo of the puzzle, then flipped one over and took a photo of the back. They he got to destroy the puzzle and stuff it into the bag, and zip it shut! He found that part quite fun. We proceeded to do this with the other 12 puzzles on the floor, him working on his, me working on mine…it was fun. Then I made an image of each puzzle to place in the window part of the bag so we always know what puzzle goes in that bag. He’s been much better about taking out one or two puzzles at a time AND putting them away now that he has the fun bags! He stores his in his toy box Thomas chair. It’s perfect!

The…Ohh, Thats Sounds Like a Good Idea
(as my two year old says ALL the time)

Not only could this solution organize your own home, but it could also be a great gift.  Give the gift of fun and organization in one!  A little something for the kid and a little something for the mom behind the kid.  🙂   Just buy the child a few puzzles for the gift, then purchase say 10 bags.  Make labels (or just cut the ones off the packaging you bought) and slide them in, along with the puzzles.  Then leave so many empty bags with it, so it’s like a kit.  Here, some new puzzles AND a way to organize ALL of your puzzles!  🙂 As a mom, I would LOVE this gift at my kid’s birthday or Christmas!

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