Let them eat CAKE!

So I love to do all sorts of crafts, but my main craft is cake decorating.  I have a website with my cakes posted which can be found at www.bakedbybehenna.com.  I’ve been a hobbyist cake decorator since I was a teenager, but I’ve really gotten into it over the last 6 years.  On average I make 1 cake a month for customers (usually friends/family/co-workers).  I fit them in whenever I can between raising a family and working as a web designer.

I’ll be sure to post all of my cakes on this blog as I complete them.  Maybe do a tutorial here or there as well.  If there are any tutorials you would like to see, let me know and maybe I can create one for you to view.

Visit my cake site, Baked, at:  www.bakedbybehenna.com

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