Simple Summer Wreath

I’m most definitely no wreath expert, but I play one online.    I made a yarn wreath for the holidays and liked it so when spring came around, I thought, hey why not make one for the summer too.  So I picked out my favorite flower, the simple yellow daisy, and yarn to match and got to work.  It’s really a very simple wreath, as I [...]

Custom Traceable Cards for Preschool Age Children

I’ve always dreamed of the days when I could make crafts and cupcakes for my kids when they are in school.  Well, my oldest son (4 yrs) started preschool this year!  Yay!  He absolutely LOVES school and is a very social little guy.   It’s just so exciting to see him enjoy this new experience in life.  And now came the chance for [...]

It’s Your Lucky Day! Win a Growth Chart Ruler!

I’m hosting a contest until St. Patrick’s day to win a growth chart ruler from my shop.  Check out the details and link to enter to win!  Share the Facebook post for a second chance to win! WIN a FREE customized Growth Chart Ruler! ———-  ENTER TO WIN!! ————– Enter to win one customized [...]

Don’t Mind The Mess…Redesign In Progress

So the host I used for my blog was really shotty and it was ALWAYS down, so with a craft show coming up this weekend where I will be handing out hopefully hundreds of business cards, I wanted to be sure I had a site that worked. I’ve quickly thrown together this new blog here on a new server but need to ‘make it pretty’ still. [...]

got milk? Etching DIY

So I’ve been wanting to try some glass etching and found these cute milk bottles to test it out on. I was hoping to be able to post them to my Etsy shop, but the didn’t quite turn out as nice as I hoped. I did learn a lot though and think my next project will turn out great. Below are the steps I took and the things I learned along the [...]

Check Out, Checkout 51!

Are you like me and spend WAY TOO MUCH time and money at the grocery store?  I have two little boys who are growing quickly and like to eat.  Now that they aren’t babies anymore and I’ve had to double our meal sizes and add a ton of snacks to the menu, I finally understand why my parents made sure you didn’t take something [...]

DIY Birthday Banner

So I’ve been experimenting with my Silhouette Cameo and today is my husbands birthday, so I thought why not make his banner with my new cutting machine.  So the last few days I designed and cut out the anner pieces, then yesterday I put it all together and hung it while he slept last night.  It was fun and easy to do. Even if you [...]

And Then There Were 3

I recently won a contest through JoAnn’s for a crafting contest they had in March.  With my gift card prize I purchased a Silhouette Cameo machine which I have been wanting to buy for months now.  I’ve been playing around with it to learn how it works and figure out how to make the things I want to make to sell in my Etsy shop.  So [...]

Say Cheese, Photo Magnets

In search of a handmade gift for the grandmas on Mother’s Day, I of course turned to Pinterest. I saw these super cute magnets and set out to make a set of my own (one set for each grandmother and a set for me too It was a very low cost gift and simple to make. You’ll more than likely have supplies left over so this is something you [...]

Buttons Buttons Everywhere

OK, this is my last button related blog, for this month at least.   I recently ordered some cute little wooden boxes that I plan to paint up and sell on Etsy.  For my first project I decided to use some of the buttons I have lying around and make a button box.  You can keep buttons in it, or something else.   I have a good friend who is a [...]
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