Sew Fun! Button Magnets

So I’ve been going through my button collection crafting up new ideas. This one is simple, but sweet. I took a set of buttons and made them into magnets. They’d make a good gift for the sewing fan in your life. Tip: Go with the heavy duty ceramic magnets (I found mine at Michaels). The regular ones don’t hold things. They will [...]

Support Handmade {Giveaway}

If you aren’t familiar; Etsy is a great place to shop for handmade and custom items, made by people like you and me. You can find great crafts, vintage items, and so much more. This week I’ve teamed up with some wonderful bloggers to offer a $25 Etsy gift card for you to spend on something for yourself or maybe a gift for someone else! [...]

But(ton), I LOVE Daisies!

What’s your favorite flower?  Mine is hands down the basic white Shasta Daisy!  I do love variations (such as her sister Gerbera), but my true love is the delicate white petal and the bright cheery yellow center.  So, when I was trying to think of what to do with all of my wonderful buttons, I thought, why not make a daisy for my kitchen [...]

Ombre Trinket Box Upcycle

So my mom is getting ready to make the big move from my home town to my current town! I’m super excited to have her close, as are my littles. We’ve been helping Grammy look for a new place to live; but with that comes cleaning out the old to get ready to sell. So in the clean out process, we came across some goodies she was going to [...]

DWM (Do With Mom) Mother’s Day Ideas!

Mother’s Day is a day to show mom just how much she means to you, so why not take her to do something super fun WITH you?As a mom I must say that breakfast in bed is my favorite way to start that day, but what to do after?  Well here are a few ideas of what you (Dad) can plan as a super fun day for the whole family to show mom a good time. [...]

Fun With The Littles @ Lowe’s Build & Grow

As a SAHM, I am always looking for ways to have fun on the cheap.  In this search I discovered a great blog called Indy With Kids. They share so many great free/cheap events that happen in and around Indianapolis.   That’s where I learned about the Lowe’s Build & Grow program.  On some Saturday mornings they offer a free [...]

10 Fun & Easy Outdoor Play Ideas

Finally, winter is OVER! (sorry, if it snows tomorrow, it’s my fault) I for one, and my two boys under four, are so ready to get out of the house and enjoy the warm weather. It’s been in the 60’s and 70’s the last week and we’ve been outside ALL DAY, meals and all, every day! We are soaking it all and and LOVING it! [...]

#1 Fan! Go Team!

This one is for the little (or not so little) fan in your house.  Do they have a sports room or bar, or dare we say the ole Man Cave?  These sports themed letters are a fun way to show your love of all sports.  Make them in whatever sport; I plan to work up samples for Tennis, Golf, and Hockey soon.  Do a name, initials, a city or school.  [...]

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Superhero Letters!

I recently created some hand painted letters in a superhero theme.  It was a really fun project, and I’m currently working on two new ones of Flash and Green Lantern.  I’ll add photos of those as well once complete. These are meant to hang on a wall, but they could rest on a shelf.  I used 9″ letters that were 1/2 inch thick, [...]

Rodger That! Decoupage Letter

I was looking for something fun, and green, to make for my living room when I came upon this scrap paper and it hit me.  So I grabbed one of the large Paper Mache letters and got to work.  You can see some photos below of the progress along with the step by step and what I will do different in the future. R is for Rodgers… 1. Paint the [...]
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