I’m in Puzzle Heaven!

The WHY My 2 year old LOVES to do puzzles.  Most of his are in the 25 piece range and are hard board.  On a normal day I find 5 of these puzzles out and mixed together on the floor of his room.  We’d then spend a lot of time sorting and putting away these puzzles.  Putting away I use lightly, none of them had boxes or containers.  My [...]

Mother’s Day Hand Bouquet

This year for Mother’s Day the boys and I made gifts for their grandmothers and great-grandmothers. We traced their hands and then cut them out in different colors. I made the stems and leaves and tied them with a ribbon. I put the name and date on the back in case they want to save them. My boys are still so young I end up doing the [...]

Air Jordan 3 Fire Red Shoe Cake

Well someone saw my first shoe cake from April on my facebook page and hired me to make a shoe cake for them. It was a very similar cake, but not exactly the same. Here you have it… I’m looking forward to another shoe order since each time I learn a little more. [...]

Sesame Street Birthday!

My son turned one recently and so we of course had a party.  I chose to go with a Sesame Street theme because I thought that would be fun.  Oh, and I saw someone challenge someone to make a cake of Mr. Hooper’s Store, so I wanted to accept that challenge.   I, being obsessed with crafting and the crack that is Pinterest, had to make [...]

A Game of Catch-Up!

Hello! I’mmmm baaack! I haven’t posted very much lately as things have just been kinda crazy in life the last few months. That certainly doesn’t mean I wasn’t busy making things to blog about though! I’m going to play a game of catch-up over the next few days and post everything I’ve been up to, crafty wise [...]

It’s that time of year…I <3 Gardening!

Well I’ve always had a green thumb for my indoor plants, but since I’ve only owned for 3 years now, I don’t have a ton of experience with outdoors or vegetable gardens. Two years ago I ripped out a ton of bushes and planted flowers, ornamental grasses, hastas and more. I’m happy with the layout, however, my tulips failed to [...]

AIR Jordan 3 Retro Shoe Cake

Well it’s final four weekend and my cake for the week was an AIR Jordan 3 Retro shoe sitting on it’s box.  This was the first time I’ve made a shoe and to date definitely one of my coolest cakes.  I had so much fun working on it and wish I had more time to add even more detail and measure instead of eyeball.  I was scared that [...]

It’s a Boy! Mustache Baby Shower Cake

My most recent order was for a baby shower. The theme was Blue and Brown (it’s a boy!) and, mustache’s. I created a mini baby belly cake for the mom to be, and chocolate mustache cupcakes for everyone else. It was vanilla cake with brown and blue sprinkles inside for fun, then butter creme frosting in blue, and I molded Ghirardelli [...]

Operation Cut Door in Half

…and let the light in! We have a tri-level house and on the bottom floor is our laundry room and half guest bathroom.  You have to go through the bathroom to get to the laundry room and the only window is in the laundry room, so I wanted to be able to keep that door open to let sunlight in to the bath and to our downstairs living room.  [...]

Bathroom Facelift

So a few weeks ago I decided I was going to use the rest of the gray paint from the playroom project in September to paint our guest bathroom.  The cabinet was already black, so gray seemed like a great color choice, and I had just enough!  Some of the mini-projects to the facelift were: Paint Countertop w/Rustoleum Countertop coating (see image [...]
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