Kid Sized Chores

So I have a little one who is 2.5 years old and I figured it was time to get him introduced to chores; that IS why I had him.  I wanted to make him a kid friendly chore chart to make his daily chores more fun.  I originally thought I’d start from scratch, since I am a graphic designer and all, but decided why waste the time when certainly [...]

Happy Holidays!

Tis the season to be jolly!!  Christmas is almost here and this is definitely the most prepared I have been for the holidays in years.  It feels good to have extra time to enjoy shopping and decorating and baking.  I have only 2 weeks left as a professional web designer before I start my new, full time stay at home mom gig!  For the last 2.5 [...]

Hello Indianapolis!! I’m So Glad to Be Here Tonight!!

So with news of Hayden due to arrive in 9 months, it was time to start on Jackson’s new, big boy room.  At 18 months he was moving out of his crib and into his new room to make way for his little brother. 18 months is a tough age to decide what to make his room when going for a whole theme.  Looking back now that he’s 28 months, I think I [...]

Welcome to the Jungle Baby

Baby:  Jungle Nursery This room was created 2.5 years ago before my first son, Jackson, was born.  We bought our first house in May of 2010 and Jackson was born in August.  It was the first room we painted in our all white home.  I wanted to have it done in time for the baby of course.  We didn’t find out the gender so we wanted a neutral [...]

Stop the Card Chaos!

It’s holiday season once again and time to put up the decorations.  This year I wanted to come up with a new way to easily display the cards we receive.  This crafty idea takes about 2 minutes to create and about 2 seconds hang each card. Buy some fun holiday ribbon and some mini clothespins; I picked the Grinch of course! J  Tape (or 3m [...]

It’s my room!

{DIY} or {BUY} – make your own, or buy one from me… We recently painted and re-decorated our entryway and stairway.  One of my craft projects for this change was to make name plates for the boys doors.  Below you will see photos of what I created as well as links to purchase any supplies you would need to create this craft [...]

Let them eat CAKE!

So I love to do all sorts of crafts, but my main craft is cake decorating.  I have a website with my cakes posted which can be found at  I’ve been a hobbyist cake decorator since I was a teenager, but I’ve really gotten into it over the last 6 years.  On average I make 1 cake a month for customers (usually [...]

Hi! A little about me.

Hello Everyone! This is my first stab at a blog.  I figure why not have a place to share any fun crafts I create with the world.  I’m sure I’ll also post a few things about my family here too.  Please check back often to see the latest thing I’ve created.  We’ve been working on redecorating our house, so I have plenty [...]
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