It’s my house!

You may have seen one of my other crafts…It’s my room!  Well this is the grown up version of that craft.  It’s the family plaque/sign.  For these I made the family as my corner image.  You could do something different, like a solid color house or something similar to the style in the kids version of this craft, if you feel [...]

Stop the Card Chaos!

It’s holiday season once again and time to put up the decorations.  This year I wanted to come up with a new way to easily display the cards we receive.  This crafty idea takes about 2 minutes to create and about 2 seconds hang each card. Buy some fun holiday ribbon and some mini clothespins; I picked the Grinch of course! J  Tape (or 3m [...]

It’s my room!

{DIY} or {BUY} – make your own, or buy one from me… We recently painted and re-decorated our entryway and stairway.  One of my craft projects for this change was to make name plates for the boys doors.  Below you will see photos of what I created as well as links to purchase any supplies you would need to create this craft [...]
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