Sport Themed Name Decoration

How many kids LOVE sports? I know my littles do!  So I’ve worked up some 12″ letters to hang on a wall in a sports theme. In this posting I will show how I made the 12″ wooden letters in the sports: Basketball, Soccer, Football, Baseball and Tennis.  I will tell you where to find the supplies needed for your project and the [...]

Growth Chart DIY with Video!

Hey!  Wanna see how I make the most popular item in my shop? Check out this quick video and instructions on how to make one yourself!  Download Step By Step Instructions (PDF) PURCHASE STENCIL Purchase Stencil File (.studio3) for download Growth Chart Ruler DIY Mark height directly on the wood board with a permanent marker or paint pen. Save the [...]

Customized Book Bag Teacher Gift

Being a crafter I’ve been excitedly awaiting the day that my kids would start school and I’d get to make fun teacher gifts.  Well, last fall was that day!   My oldest started preschool so I volunteered to make some gifts from the class.  For the holidays I made them ornaments from the students, check them out… For the end of [...]

Keepsake Hand Print Sign

Looking for the perfect DIY gift?  Here is a great one for grandparents, parents, babysitters, godparents, and the list goes on!  Every year for Mother’s Day the boys and I make a gift for my mother and MIL. I figure Mother’s Day is THE perfect day for a handmade gift from a child. This year we made a sign with each boy’s hand [...]

Simple Summer Wreath

I’m most definitely no wreath expert, but I play one online.    I made a yarn wreath for the holidays and liked it so when spring came around, I thought, hey why not make one for the summer too.  So I picked out my favorite flower, the simple yellow daisy, and yarn to match and got to work.  It’s really a very simple wreath, as I [...]

got milk? Etching DIY

So I’ve been wanting to try some glass etching and found these cute milk bottles to test it out on. I was hoping to be able to post them to my Etsy shop, but the didn’t quite turn out as nice as I hoped. I did learn a lot though and think my next project will turn out great. Below are the steps I took and the things I learned along the [...]

Say Cheese, Photo Magnets

In search of a handmade gift for the grandmas on Mother’s Day, I of course turned to Pinterest. I saw these super cute magnets and set out to make a set of my own (one set for each grandmother and a set for me too It was a very low cost gift and simple to make. You’ll more than likely have supplies left over so this is something you [...]

Buttons Buttons Everywhere

OK, this is my last button related blog, for this month at least.   I recently ordered some cute little wooden boxes that I plan to paint up and sell on Etsy.  For my first project I decided to use some of the buttons I have lying around and make a button box.  You can keep buttons in it, or something else.   I have a good friend who is a [...]

Sew Fun! Button Magnets

So I’ve been going through my button collection crafting up new ideas. This one is simple, but sweet. I took a set of buttons and made them into magnets. They’d make a good gift for the sewing fan in your life. Tip: Go with the heavy duty ceramic magnets (I found mine at Michaels). The regular ones don’t hold things. They will [...]

But(ton), I LOVE Daisies!

What’s your favorite flower?  Mine is hands down the basic white Shasta Daisy!  I do love variations (such as her sister Gerbera), but my true love is the delicate white petal and the bright cheery yellow center.  So, when I was trying to think of what to do with all of my wonderful buttons, I thought, why not make a daisy for my kitchen [...]
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