#1 Fan! Go Team!

This one is for the little (or not so little) fan in your house.  Do they have a sports room or bar, or dare we say the ole Man Cave?  These sports themed letters are a fun way to show your love of all sports.  Make them in whatever sport; I plan to work up samples for Tennis, Golf, and Hockey soon.  Do a name, initials, a city or school.  They sit perfect on a shelf or could be hung on a wall too.

These are some I made to sell at my Etsy shop.  I’ve been trying to expand what I offer, so I put this together to show samples.  It’s not my best work, I see plenty of flaws, but it gave me the experience to make the next ones even better.  These are 5″ tall, but there are other wood letters in different sizes out there of course.  I’ve got some links at the bottom of the page, or just hit your local Joann’s or Michaels store to pick some up.

I have photos below, but it’s pretty basic; I just painted them and sealed them.  🙂  I picked colors to match the theme and used a Cabinet and Touch-up roller (4″ or 2″ work best) to paint them.  The Cabinet & Touch-up leaves a very smooth finish, unlike a paintbrush which leaves the strokes in it.

For the football and basketball I used the end of a toothpick that was round at the top to make the dots.  I found it to be easier than a brush.  Any small round/flat object that you don’t mind ruining with paint will do.  For everything else, I just used a brush and some paint and added the details.  As I said before, I see many flaws, but overall I love the idea and look of them.

If you wanted to order a set instead of make your own, just visit my Etsy shop to place an order.  🙂
Also check out the 12″ hanging version.

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