3D Shadow Box Scene

In the spirit of the bitter cold, I thought I’d create a fun winter scene to put out this time of year. While we did have one good snow this year, we currently do not have any snow on the ground and it is 15 degrees out, so in lieu of the bitter cold, I needed SNOW! So I made some. Now I just look at this and it feels like it’s a beautiful snowy day outside, to go with the frozen toes and fingertips.

It’s a pretty easy craft to make, just buy all of the wood pieces, paint and glue together.

You’ll need:
Hot Glue Gun
Wood house, trees, fence, etc. (or whatever kind of scene you want to make)
Paint in needed colors
For this one, Puffy Snow Paint (see photo for details)

You’ll see the step by step in the photos below, but basically paint each piece separately and then hot glue the back layer to the box. Then use the puffy snow, or just extra hot glue to make the second layer and so on. This is a 3D Shadow Box Art, so you want to layer your wood pieces to give it the 3D effect. Then hot glue the snowflakes on the outside and paint on some snowflakes in the box.

This makes a fun gift or fun for a kid’s room decoration during the holiday. You can also do other scenes, some ideas being: summer beach, falling leaves, Easter, Fireworks for the 4th of July. I’m sure I’ll do a few of these as the holiday’s approach, so follow my blog or pinterest to be notified when I post them!



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