Adult Sized Chores

Well I made a cute little chore list for my toddler (Kid Sized Chores) and thought…maybe if I reward myself with a check mark after each chore, I would be more likely to complete them.  Not as cool as a sticker, but I’ll settle for the satisfaction of marking it off my list and admiring just how much I accomplished!

So I sat down and thought up a list of daily and monthly chores to complete, found some pretty photos (I’m a daisy fan), and added some little check boxes. I’ve just been using them a week now, so I’m sure I’ve forgotten something, but so far, it’s been working! Below is an image of them. I printed them out on card stock paper and then laminated them. I use a dry-erase marker to mark them off each day as I go. I of course have them displayed in our kitchen next to the boy’s chore chart and our dry erase board as a constant nagging reminder of the work ahead, and reminder of the number of accomplishments I’ve made this day, week, month.  I need that reward.  You know the feeling, I know I just did the dishes like 4 times today and I walk out of the room and back in and BAM, a sink full once again.  With my check list, while I look around and know it’s still messy, I also know, I DID indeed just have that clean 10 minutes ago.  🙂  If you are a mom, you know, so reward (or remind) yourself that you did that!

I will suggest you check back in with me in a month to see if I’m still sticking to it, but supposedly if I stick to my list, my house will always be clean and it will take no time at all! 😉 I do love magic!  (UPDATE 2/5/13: One Month Later — I LOVE using these.  I do need to make some edits to when I clean certain things, and add some things I forgot about, but other than that, these are working great so far!)

I’m happy to share the Illustrator files if you are interested, just shoot me a message.  If you’d really like a different photo background, just let me know.  I’ll be happy to throw in a different photo for you.

Below are PDF Printable Charts. You’ll find MY cleaning charts for reference, and the other two BLANK ones are set up so you can type into them and print. Of if you prefer, you could store it digitally as well. Just have the document open and check items off as you go.

BLANK Weekly Chart – PDF Fill-In
MY Weekly Chart in PDF

BLANK Monthly Chart – PDF Fill-In
MY Monthly Chart in PDF

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