Bathroom Facelift

bathfeaturedSo a few weeks ago I decided I was going to use the rest of the gray paint from the playroom project in September to paint our guest bathroom.  The cabinet was already black, so gray seemed like a great color choice, and I had just enough!  Some of the mini-projects to the facelift were:

  • Paint Countertop w/Rustoleum Countertop coating (see image below)
  • Made Giant Ruler to measure the kids and keep forever
  • Cut a door in half so I can keep the top open and the bottom closed

See below for the photos of the facelift.  I also have a step by step post for the Giant Ruler and for Cutting a Door in Half.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.  It was a simple make-over, but I plan to tile the wall behind the mirror and the floors sometime in the future.  And some day replace the sink and counter, or the whole vanity.

Painting a countertop
The counter in that bathroom was already painted with the Rust-oleum Countertop Coating, but I wasn’t fond of the color, especially after I painted the walls.  I hadn’t planned on painting it at first, but once the gray went up, I had to make a change.  I’m glad I did it!  I have enough left over for when I re-do the laundry room, I can use it on the folding station in there to match, since they are connected.

It’s very easy, just paint it on, a small roller being your best option.  It does have terrible fumes/smells so make SURE you have good ventilation.  I never would have done this in winter had I known ahead of time.  I had all the first floor windows open in 30 degree weather, and you would have too 🙂

Cut Door in Half
You can view the step by step for cutting the door in half here.

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