But(ton), I LOVE Daisies!

What’s your favorite flower?  Mine is hands down the basic white Shasta Daisy!  I do love variations (such as her sister Gerbera), but my true love is the delicate white petal and the bright cheery yellow center.  So, when I was trying to think of what to do with all of my wonderful buttons, I thought, why not make a daisy for my kitchen window.  I of course had no idea if it would work, or how I was going to do it, but that’s what crafting is all about right?  

Here is my step by step of the process, along with my failures (mostly due to impatience).  In the end, I’m happy with it and will enjoy looking at it every day while I do the dreaded dishes!  🙂

STEP BY STEP (just had the old NKOTB song playing in my head after that)

1. Sort & Pick Buttons
Pick the buttons for whatever flower or design you want to make.

2. Design It
Lay it out so you can pick where you want them.  I’d take a photo of them for reference down the road, just in case!

3.  Glue Them
I dipped each button in a little Mod Podge and then laid them out on foil (easy to peel away – wax paper might work well too).  I put them face up at this point so it looked how I wanted it to. 

4. Let It Dry!
Did I say, Let It Dry???  I let it dry overnight (I didn’t glue it until 10pm), but as soon as I woke up I couldn’t help myself and I tried to peel it off of the foil.  Well, it fell apart on me.  Oops!  That’s when I moved onto what was going to be me reinforcement layer, but instead was really my gluing layer.  So with that said, I think it would be possible to skip step 3 and go straight to step 5 if you wish, but if you don’t, be sure to do this step and let it FULLY DRY before removing it from the foil. 

5. Bring In The Reinforcements
Once I peeled the buttons off, I flipped them over to what will be the back side of it and added extra Mod Podge to make it nice and sturdy.  I added extra 3 times and let it dry in between each time.  This time it wasn’t stuck to the foil when it was time to take it off, so that was good and made for easy handling.  I did let it dry a 24 hours to make sure it wasn’t going to break on me again (decided it was worth the wait) 🙂

6. String It Up
I used fishing line and put it through the yellow button center and tied it off (several knots) at the length I wanted so it hung in the right spot on the window.  I used a suction cup to hang it from, but whatever else would work as well. 

7. Sit Back & Enjoy
I just hung it now, and it’s 11:30 at night, so I won’t be doing dishes til after breakfast, but I’m sure I will enjoy my view in the morning and make that never ending task a little more enjoyable.  Now I’ll have a lovely view of a daisy even in the winter!

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