Check Out, Checkout 51!

Are you like me and spend WAY TOO MUCH time and money at the grocery store?  I have two little boys who are growing quickly and like to eat.  Now that they aren’t babies anymore and I’ve had to double our meal sizes and add a ton of snacks to the menu, I finally understand why my parents made sure you didn’t take something unless you were going to eat it all.  checkout51featuredFood sure is expensive and it seems like we never have enough.  I coupon as much as I can, but that’s a job in itself, so I’m always excited when I find new ways to save.  A friend of mine recently put me onto Checkout 51.  Today was the first time I’ve used it, but it looks like it’s going to be a great way to earn some cash back on grocery purchases.   I signed up today and entered my receipt from today’s trip and already earned $3 back. As much as I shop I’m sure I’ll hit $20 by the end of the month.  Not to bad, $20/month back from shopping I’m already doing. 

How It Works
Sign up an account and enter your location; it then provides you with a list of items that you can earn cash back on if you purchase them.  This lists changes every week (every Thursday morning).  When you go to the store just come home (or do it on your smart phone using the app) and enter a photo of your receipt and select all of the items you purchased that are listed on your offers. checkout51 Your account is then credited for the amount of cash back earned.  Once you hit $20 you can request a check, or you can leave it there and let it collect more until you feel like cashing it in.  They will then mail you a paper check for the amount you have available.  Then just keep shopping and keep adding up the cash back benefits. 

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