Chocolate Covered Cheerios? Yes. Please!

Do you love chocolate?   If you answered no, just stop reading now and go away.  You are not welcome here.

I love chocolate, I love treats and quick snacks, and so does my little one, so we experiment from time to time.  He LOVES to wear his apron and ‘help mommy’…tell me you could say no to that face…

So, one day we pulled out the chocolate and said, hmm, what can we put chocolate on, and just then Hayden slammed down on his tray and Cheerios went everywhere and Jackson and I said, YES Cheerios…and here we are, inventing the best thing ever (and healthier than cookies/candy); Chocolate Covered Cheerios!!  Sweet Success!  It really hit the spot and is now a regular in this household.

So make these at home and enjoy!  Great to pack in lunches and enjoy with the kids.  You could make it more like bark so they are squares if you prefer.  Just staying Heart Healthy 😉 in a yummy way!

All you need is LOVE and…

  • Cheerios (I use regular, but any will work)
  • Chocolate (I like the bark, microwaveable since it’s easy)
  • Wax Paper/Pan – drop onto paper or spread in pan and cut into bars when cooled / or break like bark

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