Custom Traceable Cards for Preschool Age Children

Pre-School Traceable Cards - great for learning to write

I’ve always dreamed of the days when I could make crafts and cupcakes for my kids when they are in school.  Well, my oldest son (4 yrs) started preschool this year!  Yay!  He absolutely LOVES school and is a very social little guy.   It’s just so exciting to see him enjoy this new experience in life.  And now came the chance for him to see me shine as well…Valentine’s Day!  You see, I am a graphic artist by degree, but became a full time mom and crafter 2 years ago.  I love to use my graphic design skills for my craft business and for my kids enjoyment; well Valentine’s Day presented the chance to do this for both!  🙂

IMG_6174So I knew I didn’t want to give candy and saw the cutest little Dino valentines on a blog and thought, “Hey, I can modify that for Jackson, who is just learning to write; perfect!” So I went to Sweet C’s Designs and downloaded her super cute Dinotmite printables to customize for my preschooler.  I designed a dashed line To and From on the back.  He was then able to trace each child’s name, as well as his own.

He absolutely loved filling out each card (20) and did such a great job.  I had to punch the holes and tie the dino’s on (not the easiest of jobs).  He picked out which dinosaur went to which kid/teacher as well.  It was a fun project for us to do together (we did it all in 3 different sittings), he got in great practice with his writing/pencil holding skills, and he handed out super cute Valentine’s with a fun toy!


  • Visit Sweet C’s Designs to get the front of the cards.
  • Microsoft Word or Graphic Design Software
  • Dashed Font (You can find a dashed font here, or Google it to find your own.  I used a different one than this one linked)
  • Cardstock Paper
  • String / Ribbon
  • Mini Dino’s
  • Printer


Download the files from the link above for the front.  Using Word or your graphic design software, type in (with Dashed Font installed) the names needed for To and From.  Print to cardstock paper, front to back.  Cut into 4’s, punch two holes and tie the dino to the card (trickier than you might think).  Oh, before you tie on the dino, have your child trace the names.  Here are some photos of my little guy in action!

IMG_6173 IMG_6169



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