Easter Edibles

We moved into our neighborhood almost 3 years ago now.  To help promote my cake business to our neighbors I supply the cupcakes for the annual Easter party cake walk and get some free advertising.  I make about 60 cupcakes for the event.  Below are ones I’ve done in the past, as well as an Easter Birthday cake I made as well.  See the how-to details and larger photos below…

EASY: The Basket

The baskets were super simple to make, I purchased the paper cupcake holder ‘baskets’ and just put them together.  The eggs are candy eggs, and then I used the Grass Tip (Tip #233) to make the butter cream frosting look like grass.  The bunny was a small plastic toy I found at the store (it was a stacking bunny game that had about 60 of these little guys). Pretty simple really, anyone can make this!

MEDIUM: The Bunny Face

This one is a little more difficult and requires the use of Fondant.  I made cupcakes as usual, then frosted with white butter cream.  I used mini-m&m’s for the brown eyes, a pink jelly belly (since they are smaller and I could buy just one color at the candy store) for the nose, and then the teeth and ears are made of gumpaste/fondant.  I just rolled out the fondant and used a pizza cutter to cut up teeth cubes (you could use chicklet gum as well).  Then I had a cookie cutter that was a bunny face and I used that to get the ear shape.  I just rolled it out long and then cut at the edge to just cut the ear part since I didn’t need the face.  Then I put the ears over my rolling pin (and other objects with a round shape) and let them dry, this made them in a curved shape so they held that shape to stand up straight (gumpaste dries harder than fondant), then I took a paint brush (food only one of course) and used the pink frosting coloring as paint to make the pink insides of the ears.  And then just used a round tip to make the ‘whisker cheeks’.  Walla, bunny cupcakes.  🙂 Fondant can be found at craft stores, walmart & meijers, or online and cake supply shops too!

HARD: Easter Bunny Egg Hunt Cake

Lets face it, cakes are harder than cupcakes simply due to the stacking/layering of them.  This is a two layer cake with chocolate frosting.  I used green butter cream and the grass tip (Tip #233) to make the grass on the top and border.  I used gumpaste to make all of the figures/objects.  Working with gumpaste is just like working with clay, but you have to work faster because it dries quickly.  Fondant dries slower, but does not get as hard.  So if you are a beginner, you might start with Fondant and work your way into gumpaste.  The fondant will hold shape for the most part and would work for most of the items on this cake.  The bunny ears and basket handle would probably be the hardest pieces to get to harden up enough with fondant.  But anyway…I made all of these from gumpaste.  I basically just sculpted the items and cut the flowers our with my cookie cutters.  When I have some extra time I’ll look for some good figure tutorials to post here for you.  Otherwise I suggest you Google “Fondant Tutorial: Bunny” or whatever.

Happy Easter, and Happy Baking!
See some of my other cakes at www.bakedindy.com

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