Fun With The Littles @ Lowe’s Build & Grow

As a SAHM, I am always looking for ways to have fun on the cheap.  In this search I discovered a great blog called Indy With Kids. They share so many great free/cheap events that happen in and around Indianapolis.   That’s where I learned about the Lowe’s Build & Grow program.  On some Saturday mornings they offer a free workshop for kids and parents where your child gets to build something out of wood.  The photos below are a car from the movie Toy Story.

They say age 5 up, but I took my 3 year old and he did fine.  I had to help a lot, but he had a BLAST.  You arrive at the set time and get your kit.  Then you sit down and follow the instructions to build your item.  The kid has an apron they get to keep, and then they borrow goggles and a hammer.   You work on your own pace, but there is a Lowe’s employee there for questions.  I suggest arriving EARLY as they always run out of seats at the table and you end up working on the floor; so bring that stadium cushion with you, you’ll be glad you did!  🙂


You have to register ahead of time as they fill up.  Go to the website:, enter your zip code (or view full schedule) and see what’s going on a the Lowe’s Store near you.  Register and print that sheet to take with you to the workshop.

Arrive EARLY if you want to sit at a table, or be ready to hang on the floor.  From my experience, it is held at the back of the store in that last long isle.  It takes around 30 minutes.

It’s always a different toy you build, so you can go every month, or more.  Home Depot also offers something similar, however I’ve not tried theirs yet.  I will though and I’ll let you know how it goes!

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