Goodwill Hunting

I’ve recently started going to thrift stores to find items to make over into a more modern look.  I thought I’d start small and work my way up to furniture.  So I started with some jewelry boxes.  Here are two I’ve completed, along with a matching mirror, and then photos of another that is in progress.  I also have two more awaiting paint.  🙂

These are for sale at my Etsy shop: ShesCraftyLLC. I’m happy to make custom designs as well if you have a request.

See photos and supply list below


– Old Jewelry Boxes (found mine at Goodwill)
– Paint
– Paper & Mod Podge
– Maybe glass if it needs replaced

Process:  I removed all hardware/glass then cleaned and spray painted each piece with flat white.  I then used a paintbrush and craft paint to paint the different parts, it took 3-4 coats.  I spray painted, then spray sealed the hardware with glossy white for these (the hinges do scrape off some of the paint from usage).  For one box I did a ‘seaglass’ effect on a new piece of glass.  I liked the idea, but made it too think so it wasn’t see-through at all like I had envisioned.  The other I took the glass that was in there and put a piece of scrapbook paper on each side, then coated it with several coats of Mod Podge to seal it to the glass.  I also did this process with the insides of the jewelry box covering a tan thin felt fabric.  I think they turned out cute and can’t wait to work on more.

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