got milk? Etching DIY

featuredSo I’ve been wanting to try some glass etching and found these cute milk bottles to test it out on. I was hoping to be able to post them to my Etsy shop, but the didn’t quite turn out as nice as I hoped. I did learn a lot though and think my next project will turn out great.

Below are the steps I took and the things I learned along the way so that your first time can be a success. 🙂

HOW TOpinglassetching

1) I created the vinyl template using my Cameo machine.  You can buy stencils at a craft store that are sticky, or you can tape them to the glass item.  IMG_4730sm

2) Clean the glass well with glass cleaner, then apply your stencil.

3) I DIDN’T do this step, but will for sure next time! Once the stencil is added, clean the glass again.  You want to be sure to get any finger prints off that you added when applying the stencils.  I didn’t do this and I think that’s why my etching was a little spotty.

4) Apply the etching cream nice and thick – BE SURE to wear gloves, glasses and use in a well vented area.  The package said to let it set for 30 seconds to 5 minutes, but I didn’t feel that was long enough.  Then I looked online to see what others suggested and most said they leave it on for 30 minutes.  They also scrape it off and put it back in the bottle to re-use.  So next time I do this I will leave it on longer and save it to re-use.  IMG_4735sm

5) When the time is up, rinse it under warm water until all of the cream is gone.  It will not look etched when it’s wet, but once it dries you’ll see the difference.  Once dry, peel off your stencil.IMG_4736sm

Etched glass is dishwasher safe.  The glass has been eroded away with acid, so it is permanent.  I can’t wait to try my next project.  I have 140 votive holders left over from our wedding that I plan to etch and sell.  Now to think up what to etch on them.  🙂  Have fun with your first project and please share any tips and trial/errors you have in the comments section. IMG_4737sm

got milk?  My boys will enjoy the vintage glass milk bottle look while eating their milk and cookies!  🙂

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