Hello Indianapolis!! I’m So Glad to Be Here Tonight!!

So with news of Hayden due to arrive in 9 months, it was time to start on Jackson’s new, big boy room.  At 18 months he was moving out of his crib and into his new room to make way for his little brother. 18 months is a tough age to decide what to make his room when going for a whole theme.  Looking back now that he’s 28 months, I think I would have loved to do a construction theme, but anyway…

A Musical/Entertainment Bedroom

Jackson absolutely loves to entertain. He may deliver a speech, sing a song, dance his butt off, or tell jokes, it doesn’t matter, if there is a stage and an audience, he is happy.   He LOVES music, and so came the theme to his new room…entertainment.  The room is painted in a dark blue and has glow in the dark stars and a night light moon to give the feel of an outdoor/night concert.  In one corner you will see his crowd of adoring fans.  On the opposite corner a stage setting; speakers and marquee (chalkboard) sign.   The blue tape line is where I’m putting in the stage about 4” off the ground.  (I’m a little behind on that project).  I can’t wait to get the stage and the guitar hooks up to complete the room.  He has all sorts of musical instruments (including an accordion), but little does he know a cool, stand up microphone will be under the tree for him this year!

closet fans jdresser moon window

Another shout out to my wonderful mother, who again, drew everything with pencil and I filled it in with paint!  Turned out super cute, now to get that stage in place.

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