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**  10/11/16 — I am working on an UPDATED HOW TO for these signs.  I will be making a video and have better details/photos of the process.  I will also have links to purchase the needed supplies.  Please CHECK BACK SOON! **

So almost a year ago now I made some cute name signs to hang on each of my son’s door.  I posted that process here on this blog (It’s My Room) and then on Pinterest.  It got wildly popular, and that’s when this blog took off.  I’ve since then started selling these, and other crafts, on Etsy.    Because I’ve made so many now, I’ve improved on the process, so I thought I’d post an update of the new and improved way to DIY one of these for yourself!

Supplies:10926200_588437631300007_7485565205955180902_n  1970373_588437614633342_1438453998505321129_n

  • Wooden Letter (large – I use 12″)
  • Wooden Letters (small – I use 1.5″)
  • Wooden Graphic (I use ones that are around 3-4″)
  • Paint (Color & White)
  • Mod Podge
  • Sand Paper & Paint Brushes


>> Purchase one made by me

>> Purchase the DIY Kit
Don’t waste time hunting around for what you need, just tell me the letter, name and graphic you want and I’ll package it up and ship it off to you.

Step 1: Sand edges of letters10454287_532070090270095_2905099845070364861_n
I sand these down just a little as you’ll notice some ridges in the wood or spots that are a little rough.  Just a light grade sand paper will work, all you are doing is smoothing it down, not changing the shape at all.   This isn’t necessary if you don’t want to buy sandpaper (you’ll only use a tiny bit), but I like to do it because it looks cleaner.

Step 2: Paint, Paint and More Paint
Next after you’ve cleaned off any wood dust, paint your letters and graphic.  I usually do 3 coats on the big letter and then 3 or 4 on the small.  I do the small letters two ways as I’m still trying to decide which I like better.  I’ve recently started spray painting them, as it’s much faster, but sometimes they end up bubbling up and then I have to sand them down and re-do it.  Hand painting turns out great each time, but takes a lot more work/time.  Recently I’ve hand painted the first coat, then spray painted two more and that seems to work nicely.  I use a satin or semi-gloss spray paint.


Step 3: The Glue That Holds it All Together…Mod Podge
Anyone that has worked with Mod Podge knows it’s magic 🙂  I just recently started experimenting with it, and it’s opened a whole new world of crafting.  The first time I made this craft I used a hot glue gun to glue it together.  This worked fine as well, but it often left strings behind.  I’d use the blow dryer to melt them away, but it still always left one or two I just couldn’t get.  That’s when I decided I had to find a better way.  I also wanted to coat the letters because some of them would leave paint marks when it touched things, so I figured Mod Podge would work perfect; I was right.   🙂  It gives the letter a nice protective coating, gives it a little bit of a shine, and it glues the whole thing together.  It was meant to be.  🙂  So in this step, I just paint the big letter with the Mod Podge and then lay the letters and graphic where I want.  I have plenty of time to adjust them before it dries.  If I’ve painted the little letters/graphic in a semi-glossy or glossy paint, I don’t Mod Podge them as they are already shiny, but if I did a satin or just hand painted them, after the big letter is dry and the letters are on solid, I run a brush of Mod Podge over the little letters too, just so it has the same finish as the big letter.

Step 4: Hang it Up!
I use 3M Command Strips (Medium w/Velcro) to hang them.  It makes it easy to hang anywhere, easy to adjust, easy and clean to remove, and easy to re-hang in a new location.

Smaller Sizes Too!
I am now making a 5 or 6″ Inch and numbers as well.  I can’t do long names on these, but they work for some names 🙂  Same process, just smaller.  I sell these on Etsy too.

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