KID CRAFT: Backpack Holder

This is a fun, quick, and inexpensive project.  I picked up my crate at Michaels for $10 (well, I used a 40% coupon so $6 actually).  The paint I had on hand at home, but you can grab some while you’re at Michaels if you don’t have any.  And of course, you’ll need some kids to help you out!

> Wood Crate (purchase at a Craft store, Walmart, Amazon)
> Paint
> Pencil
> Paintbrush

Take your pencil and sketch the colored pencil design (yea, a triangle and a zig zag – that’s about it) 🙂  You could also make a crayon design.

Paint in the colors – the wood background words great for the sharpened part so I just left that along and painted the pencil and tip the color of the pencil.

Your crate is ready to hold backpacks, lunch boxes, or whatever you want.  OPTIONAL – I added felt rounds to the bottom of each corner since ours is on hard woods.

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