Hey – It’s Lisa here to share a project I made for my boys.  lego holder pinMy 8, 6 and 3 year old are OBSESSED with those teeny, tiny, little Legos and they are EVERYWHERE!  I needed to find a way to organize them (ha ha ha! hilarious), so I made this fun Lego person holder using a wood board, Legos, paint and glue.  It’s pretty simple, but fun!  Check out our Lego Corner – coming soon, Lego picture frames!  The Lego man decal and color sorted Lego bin were fun vinyl projects that helped tie the area together.

The process is easy…

.. cut/sand/paint wood board

.. glue a border of Legos to the board (use super glue!  trust me, I tried a few others and the kids knocked them off – i only glued the first layer of the border, the others are just stuck on and can be built/changed)

.. line up/measure out where you want to place the square black Legos (people holders) – I used a stencil, but you should just measure and mark with a pencil.  The stencil didn’t work well at all, it knocked of a lot of pieces when I removed it.

.. put a hanger on the back (sawtooth is what i used)

.. add people and enjoy








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