LEGO Themed Picture Frames

Target dollar spot for the win once again!  If you shop at Target, I know you too can’t pass by the dollar spot without checking it out!  Well when I saw these lego style bricks for $1/bag I had to grab them knowing I’d use them for a craft for the kids playroom.   I knew I wanted to hang photos of the kids with their friends and cousins in the playroom, but I had originally planned to paint many frames in the colors of the rainbow.  After I start adding other features to the room it was clear I needed to go with the Lego theme.  I have three boys at home and they LOVE Legos.  When I saw these low-cost bricks it hit me, glue them to some dollar store frames for the playroom pictures.  We have a Lego Corner in the playroom so these will be the perfect addition!  I went with a simple look to mimic the LEGO Mini-Figure Display I made for our playroom a while back.  It’s a very simple project, and turned out great!  Anyone can do this craft, really, grab the kids and have them help, it’s that easy!

Check out this quick, easy, low-cost project!


– Photo Frames
   I purchased mine at Dollar Tree – 8X105X74X6
– LEGO Bricks
   I got mine for $1 a bag at the Target Dollar Spot, I see them there often, so head in and check it out.  – but you can find other kinds online, or use real LEGOs.
I used Aleene’s Tacky Glue because I had it on hand, but E6000 may work better.  There are many other kinds of glue that would work as well.


Well, let’s just say this is pretty simple!  Get the frame, line the edges with glue and place the bricks on.  Let the glue dry fully before adding your photos and hanging!  I just did one layer, but you can easily add more on to build parts up and make it more ‘3D’ like I did on the mini-figure display.


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