Living Room Makeover


livingfacebookIf you follow this blog at all, you know that almost three years ago we bought a new (old) house. It was built in 1963 and hadn’t been updated much. Since we’ve moved in, I’ve been slowly updating the house.The first project was the living room. As you can see there were old shelves on the fireplace, and the room was paneling painted off white.  The beams were dark wood to match all of the trim in the room. This just wasn’t working for me. I wanted funky shelves to display my many nicknacks and a fresh new color. I like BOLD colors if you can’t tell 🙂 I picked green with a white trim and dark brown furniture. I still have little decorating things I want to do, but this room for the most part is complete and I love it. (Well my husband says we still need built in speakers for it to be complete, but I’m good how it is now 🙂

My dad, who passed away unexpectedly last June, built the shelves for me; which makes me love this room even more. He was in construction all his life and of course did many projects for his little girl. I miss him so much for a million reasons, one of them being as my handy man. My Addy (as I called him) could fix anything for his Esa (what he called me). Anyway, he built the shelves at his shop and then installed them here. He did mention that the shelf design I came up with was a pain in his ass to build! 🙂 He had a base coat of white paint on them when he installed them, and then I cleaned them up and put one last coat on. I also painted the walls and ceiling green, and painted all of the trim in the room white. This room had a whole new feel once it was done.

I do plan to swap out the brass fireplace for a nickel or brushed silver look sometime.  At first it was something I wanted right away, but after all of the other stuff and it being Christmas time, I had to put it off for a while, and turns out, 3 years later and I hardly realize it’s still brass.   Still something I want to change, but there are other things higher on the list.

















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