Lunch Letters

Since I’m now a stay at home mom, we have to cut some corners, so I make lunch for my husband every day for work, which is a big saver by the way!  I always like to place a little note in the bag to let him know I’m thinking of him and/or put a smile on his face.  I created this template to use to keep it quick and simple.  No hunting for paper and trying to think of what to say.  If have these printed and ready to go with his brown paper sacks.  I can just go with the message on it and sign it if I’m short on time, or I can write in a quick little note for him to read at lunch the next day.  I’m more likely to be consistent with it if I have this template instead of hunting for paper each evening.

I’ve linked to the PDF of the letter templates if you’d like to print some yourself.

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