Personalized Christmas Ornaments

This year I wanted to make some ornaments as gifts, so my three year old and I set out to create some for the grandparents and some for cousins.  This entry is a quick how-to for the glitter ornaments we made. I have a list of supplies, the step by step and some photos.  Pretty easy and kid friendly (if young kids be sure to use plastic bulbs instead of glass)

Supplies Needed:

– Clear Ornaments (I got mine at Joann’s and they are glass)
– Crafting Paint with or without glitter
– Glitter
– Mod Podge (glossy looks best, but any will work)
– Ribbon
– Stencils

Step by Step:

1. Mix the paint with some Mod Podge and glitter.  Make however much you’ll need, but make the ratio something like 3/4 Mod Podge 1/4 Paint and a tsp or so of glitter.  Mix it all up as seen in the dixie cup pictured below.  I made one with pink paint and black/silver glitter, then the other I did no paint, just the black and silver glitter mixed with Mod Podge.

2. Poor some of the mixture into the opening in the bulb and move it around till all areas are covered.  Turn upside down and let the extra drain out.  Let dry (this takes several days).  If it’s not as dark as you’d like add a second coat.

3. If you want to put a name or design on the outside, take a stencil (a sticky flexible one works best) and stencil on your design.  Let this dry.  I sealed mine with a spray sealer (like Mod Podge but Valspar brand from Lowes).  I wanted to seal it, but I didn’t have glossy, just satin, so it kinda messed up the shiny/shimmery look a little, so if you choose to seal the stencil on, make sure you get a glossy version.  Or it will probably be fine without as well since ornaments don’t get a lot of wear.

4. Pick a cute ribbon and add that for hanging.

5. Give it away as a gift, or hang it on your tree!  I’ll definitely be making new versions of these this year as gifts because they turned out great!

Click the photo below to view a larger version

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