Rodger That! Decoupage Letter

I was looking for something fun, and green, to make for my living room when I came upon this scrap paper and it hit me.  So I grabbed one of the large Paper Mache letters and got to work.  You can see some photos below of the progress along with the step by step and what I will do different in the future.

R is for Rodgers…

1. Paint the letter and let it dry.  I used spray paint in white.

2. Cut the paper to wrap around the letter.

3.  Use spray adhesive to attach the paper to the letter.  You can peal it off and replace it a little, but not too much so practice without the adhesive first to make sure it wraps how you like.

4. Glop on the Mod Podge to seal it down.  The paper I used was more like card stock, so I had to use a bit of the Podge to keep it down nicely. 

I love the finished product and it matches my living room perfectly.  I do plan to make something similar to add to my Etsy shop once I purchase the Cameo Silhouette I plan to get.  I probably won’t wrap it around the sides, but I can custom cut a design and put the name or monogram into the design as well.  Hard to describe what I mean, but hopefully I’ll be posting one soon so you can just see what I mean.

Here are some photos of the process and finished product.

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