Say Cheese, Photo Magnets

In search of a handmade gift for the grandmas on Mother’s Day, I of course turned to Pinterest. I saw these super featuredcute magnets and set out to make a set of my own (one set for each grandmother and a set for me too 🙂 It was a very low cost gift and simple to make. You’ll more than likely have supplies left over so this is something you could even make each year since kids keep growing.


Glass Beads (about 1-2 inches)
– I got mine at the dollar store for $1, but you can also find them at craft

– You’ll need small photos, or to make them small. You’ll want the face to be an inch or less to fit nicely in the center.

– I used Mod Podge, but any glue that dries clear will work

– You need a strong magnet to hold it up; I found ceramic magnets work the best and come in the perfect round shape.


1. Print Photos
I found the photos I wanted to use and in Photoshop and resized them so that the face was just an inch or smaller to fit.  I printed mine at Walgreen’s, but you can also just print them at home as well.  I find it cheaper to print them there than to use up all of my color ink at home.  


2. Cut & Glue Photos
Since each bead is shaped and sized a little differently, I took the bead, laid it on the photo and traced around it before cutting it out.  I cut it inside of the line I drew so that it doesn’t hang over the edge of the bead.  I then took the glue and made a circle around the edge of the photo.  I pressed down and then placed a weight on top while it dried.  I used a wooden cutting board as my weight.

3. Glue on Magnets
Once the photo is dry, you’ll want to add the magnet to the back.  I just put a dab of Mod Podge on the magnet and placed it on the back.  I let it dry and then I wrapped them up in a pretty package as a gift. magnet

4. Hang and Enjoy, or Gift Away
I gave a set to each grandmother and kept a set for myself to enjoy.  I’ll definitely be making more in the future as my boys grow.  They are really cute and fun.




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