Sesame Street Birthday!

My son turned one recently and so we of course had a party.  I chose to go with a Sesame Street theme because I thought that would be fun.  Oh, and I saw someone challenge someone to make a cake of Mr. Hooper’s Store, so I wanted to accept that challenge.   🙂

I, being obsessed with crafting and the crack that is Pinterest, had to make everything on my own.  I do have a graphic design background though, so that makes most of this very easy for me.  It was fun, although I wish I had more time to add a few more details.  I also didn’t have the proper layout to do the cute table set-up you now see on Pinterest all the time.  (Pinterest…making us all party planners, chefs, crafters, interior designers, bakers, photographers and more, one day at a time…)  I LOVE it!

So anyway, I’ve rambled long enough, now onto the photos and a few how-to’s for ya!


Every party starts with a sweet invitation.  Since I am a graphic artist I created this from scratch.  There are plenty of places you can order a ‘fill in’ kind to use.  I’ve been thinking about offering custom graphic design services for stuff like this, so if that’s something you’d be interested in, let me know!  But anyway, here is the invite.  I just printed it on card stock paper and mailed it out.

The next step was to make banners to hang all over the house.  I designed them to fit across 3 pages of paper, you just had to trim and tape them together.

We did snacks for the party instead of a meal.  I made signs for some of the appetizers we had out.

I also wanted to make fun baggies for the treats.  I made a pinata and had a few other games where the kids won candy and toys.  I just bought the bags then cut out the shapes from construction paper.  There were only 14 so it wasn’t too bad…well really I conned my mom into cutting them all out 🙂  I gave her an example (minus the cookie, that was all her) of each one and she did them for me as I rushed around doing other things 🙂  Mom’s are the best, even once you are one yourself.  So anyway…here is a photo of the bags.

I then needed a way to label the bags for the kids so I decided to make stickers with their names on them.  I pulled out my trusty old 2inch round stickers from our wedding favors and designed some stickers!  They turned out really cute.   One went on the bag so they knew which was theirs and the others were in the bag so they could use them themselves.

A few weeks before the party I started on the pinata of Oscar the Grouch.  I saw one on Pinterest, of course, and had to make one myself.  Here are a few photos of the process, and that is what it is, a process!  I put three layers on which took 4 days.  Then I popped the balloon and filled it with candy.  I took a paper plate and taped it to the bottom once filled, then I decorated it.  Oh, I put a string in the top with the first layer so it was in there well by the third layer.  We had kids aged 1 – 5 and all 11 kids took 3 hits before the final kid, a 5 year old broke it on his second hit.  It was perfect.  Most kids were pretty young.

One thing I learned quickly is if must put the balloon in a bowl.  Once you start adding the pieces it just rolls around.  You can’t hold it and prepare the next paper, so always start with it in the bowl.  The recipe I used for the paste is here.  It’s not something I’ll do on the regular, but I’m sure I’ll do it again sometime.  I think making a really hard one full of funny stuff for adults would be a fun party idea.

Then of course if you follow me at all you know I’m a cake decorator as well.  So I had to make a sesame street themed cake and smash cake.  I decided on Mr. Hoopers Store.  I made a Cookie Monster smash cake and then some cupcakes to make sure there was enough.

If you are interested in the graphics drop me a note and let me know.  I can make them PDF fill-in printable if the demand is there, but I won’t go through the work unless the request is there, so just let me know.

Oh and we played three games.

  • Trashcan Toss (toss a paper ball into the silver trashcan)
  • Pinata
  • Rubber Ducky Pond (pick a duck and flip it over, if there is an X you win.  you just keep playing til you win)  🙂

I think my favorite part to it all is the smash cake.  It’s so cute and he’s so cute covered in it.  He pooped blue two days later 😉  It was a great party and fun was had by all.  Happy Birthday HayBitty!

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