Unicorns and Rainbows…in CAKE of course!

Every Girl’s Dream 🙂  Rainbows, Unicorns, Hearts and Bows, oh my.

I recently made a cake for a 5th birthday. The theme was Unicorns. I had creative control on the cake, and was presented with the party decorations, as well as the dress material. I then came up with this cake, from those inspirations. I made the inside of the cake a rainbow swirl using the same colors as the decorations. Here are some photos of my inspiration and the finished product. The cake is covered in fondant and has gum paste and fondant decorations on top.  It was a really fun cake order.  I know 5 year old me would love this cake, hell, 36 year old me loves this cake ;-).

Like this cake?  View more of my cakes at: www.bakedindy.com


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