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IMG_9489I had been dying to get a scroll saw and expand my home wood shop so when I finally did pick one up I had to give this project a go.  I had seen something similar on Instagram by this amazing creator (https://www.instagram.com/avaberrylane/). I fell in love with her work and wanted to give it a try; on a much smaller scale.  🙂  This was my test run of my scroll saw and a fun project.   So here is my take on her awesome wood rounds.  It hangs at my front door with two signs I made (one missing it’s frame, don’t mind that – my projects always come last!) 🙂


featured round

I started out gathering my wood, lining it up and drawing the circle.

IMG_4007I then cut the wood using the scroll saw.

IMG_4009One by one…

Time to stain and paint.  I stained three in different shades.  I painted two in different blues.IMG_4141IMG_4143IMG_4147Now was time to cut out the R.  I had no idea what I was doing or how I was going to attach the pieces back together.   At the time Kathryn didn’t share just HOW she made her rounds, so I had to guess.  Now that she shares her skill with us all I see that I went about this all wrong.  🙂  I learned a lot though.  She attaches her wood together first, then cuts out her word/letter/shape.  I cut mine all out, then glued them to a solid round wood background.  It worked, but I see how hers works so much better and is probably much easier.  I may have to attempt this again now that I see how she does it.



IMG_9495Thanks for visiting!  🙂

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