What’s For Dinner?

So as part of our budgeting process, my job is to bring down our grocery costs.  I’ve been couponing for a little over a year now and do pretty good.  I usually save between 12 and 30%.  I do strive to be better, but need to put in the time coupon hunting.  I did find that one good way to cut costs was to make a dinner menu for two weeks at a time and then go buy everything I’ll need for them.  This eliminates ‘running to the store’ for this or that and coming home with 3 bags of unneeded stuff.  I do of course still need to run once or twice a week to grab those diapers, fruit, milk, etc., but cutting down the ‘before dinner’ runs has definitely helped.

I, being an unorganized person, need to have something concrete to help me stay on top of my goals.  For instance my cleaning charts; I live by these.  I need to tweak them and re-post, but anyway, they have a daily, weekly and monthly cleaning plan.  I’ve laminated them and hung them in the kitchen.  I use a dry erase marker to mark off each job as I complete it.  It works great as it’s a visual reminder of what I need to do, plus a reward to look and see all that I’ve completed.  So my point is, this is a GREAT motivator for me.  It really is helping me keep on track and have a nice, clean home without the stress of feeling like I’m getting nothing done.  As we all experience, having kids and a husband means you are constantly cleaning up.  You know you’ve experienced the in-head dialog, ‘OK, dishes complete, all rooms picked up, kids down for a nap, time to tackle the play-room’ and BOOM, here comes the hubby home from work; lunch dishes into the sink, boys wake up, all the boys (big one included) demolish the play room having a great time (no fear, you hadn’t made it there yet anyway), and you start dinner. Next thing you know, you have a full family, a full sink and a messy kitchen once again…and let the cycle continue.  So, back on track, having that check-list gives me self-satisfaction in my job since even though I know I just cleaned that…it’s dirty once again.  🙂

So back onto the project at hand, I wanted to make a cute menu board to post in the kitchen so we all know what is for dinner.  I like the card aspect over writing because then if we decide we want something different one night, we can just switch cards with one of the other days.  You have all the ingredients, so no biggie just changing days.  Here is the word template for the menu cards.  Pretty basic, just put on your favorite meals and throw in some fun ones.  Some I added are:  Pinterest Meal (find one that looks good and give it the ole college try), Kids Choice (and kids cook!), Appetizer Meal, and of course, you need those staples – leftovers, fast/frozen meal, and eat out!

I haven’t added my MENU text yet because I just can’t decide what I like the most.  Just as-is, with MENU at the top, or with MENU at the bottom.  What do you think?  You can see all three below, give your opinion and help me out!  🙂

I got my supplies at Michael’s or Joann’s, but you can also find them linked below at Amazon if you just want to order them instead.  Of course pick your own colors – these match my kitchen, living room and are some of my favorite colors.

Word Template for Meal Cards


  • Wood Frame (no glass, just a crafting one)
  • Large Scrapbook Paper to frame (you could wrap the cardboard with wrapping paper too if you prefer)
  • 8.5X11 Scrapbook Paper (to make the cards)
  • A Laminator (you don’t have to laminate them if you don’t have one)
  • Small Clothespins
  • A box / pocket of some kind
  • Paint

Option 1: Bottom

Option 2: Top

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