Yee Haw…Look Who’s One!

I was recently hired to do a cowboy themed 1st birthday cake.  I sent several ideas with quotes to the customer and she picked a cow print with a cowboy hat on top.  The had turned out a little bigger than I had planned, but other than that, I think it turned out pretty good.  I put his name and a 1 from gumpaste.  The cake is covered in fondant with butter-cream underneath. This is a stacked cake, the hat is cake and the rim is made of gumpaste in order to hold the shape.

Looking at it now I probably would change the 1 to be a color instead of the tan of the rope and  I’d make the hat a little smaller so you can see more cow print, but other than that, I’m quite happy with it.

See photos below of the completed cake, plus some step by step photos.

If you are in the Indianapolis area and want a custom cake, visit my site to learn more.


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